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During our journey and beyond we have collaborated with individuals, groups and organisations to spread the message of gender parity. Sharing here our creative pursuits.

Location - Srinagar

Using local children in Srinagar, Kashmiri designs and patters, and with the messages "Born Equal" written in English and "We are One" in Urdu, this wall summarizes the CrossBow Miles movement and message of gender equality.

Location - Udhampur

Nisha* has worked in the army canteen for 20 years. She helps others, especially the elderly, and encourages her co-workers to finish their tasks with dedication. While she doesnt believe in competing, she has set the benchmark for being efficient and works at dizzying speed with minimal errors. * Name changed

Location - Jammu

Sana* is an artist. She endured years of domestic abuse with no support from her family or in-laws before finally raising her voice to fight back. When her daughters husband turned out to be a wife-beater, she stood by her daughter and got her to divorce him. The symbolism of being painted with cranes is because it is said to come to your life as a spirit teacher to ask you to use your past as a source of strength. * Name changed

Location - Jalandhar

Neerja* is a university professor who faced constant domestic abuse and sexual harassment from her father-in-law. Once her daughter was born, she feared for her daughter’s safety and finally fled with her daughter, Divya*. They now live in a university campus. * Name changed

Location - Ludhiana

Madhuri* is an Aanganwadi aaya who is currently facing domestic abuse. After attending our workshop and we put her in touch with a support system, she has vowed not to tolerate domestic violence anymore. circumstances.​ * Name changed

Location - Ludhiana

Rani* personifies confidence and ambition. A lady cadet in the Mai Bhago Armed Forces Preparatory Institute in Punjab, she carries herself like a warrior and is determined to make it to the top in her chosen career.* Name changed

Location - Ludhiana

Vidya* lives in a big, discarded drainage pipe on the side of a road in Dholpur. She was reading when we saw her. This was an unusual sight and despite the lack of amenities, she epitomizes the message that wherever you come from, you can motivate yourself and inspire others to go ahead in life. * Name changed

Location - Mohali

Harshada* was on the verge on being trafficked when Apne Aap enrolled her in their private residential hostel. She is now excelling in studies, speaks English, Hindi, French and a regional language and plays three national level games. * Name changed

Location - Ambala

Aditi* belongs to a caste where girls are at high risk of trafficking. Aditi would have been at risk if she continued living at her home and so, was admitted to the Apne Aap Women Worldwide residential school in 2015, where she is now the class topper. * Name changed

Location - Karnal

Jyoti’s* is a typical story of early marriage and pregnancy, and domestic abuse. She has been able to break out of this rut with the intervention of Apne Aap Women Worldwide and is now enrolled for 12th standard classes. * Name changed

Location - Delhi

This is not a particular woman, but she represents all the women in India who have power and confidence and who come together and raise their voice.

Location - Delhi

This wall is an ode to those families where the girl child is celebrated. Planting the seeds of equality and fairness in these young children, the minds and hearts of the future, is what will lead to a better society for all.

Location - Agra

Gouri* is from the digitally advanced Mukhra village in Telangana. She helps others in the village use and access the internet and works with the village chiefs for girl education, alcohol de-addiction programmes, etc. This story proves the power of digital literacy to fight gender inequality and injustice.* Name changed

Location - Dholpur

We met Asha* on the side of the road where she was doing chores while her brother got ready for school. This girl and her family represents the mindset that has to change in society - where every girl child matters and has equal rights.* Name changed

Location - Gwalior

Sarita* was in an unhappy marriage with an uncaring man. When she wasn’t allowed to attend her own sister’s wedding, she put freedom first, walked out of the marriage and started to earn Rs 100/day as a cotton picker.* Name changed

Location - Gwalior

After facing dowry related domestic violence, Meera* showed immense courage as she decided to walk out of her marriage and started her own business. She is doing very well and is now taking her online business retail.* Name changed

Location - Bhopal

Sub Inspector Gunjan* was not allowed to go to Delhi for further studies because her mother thought it unsafe for girls. That’s why she is now an active and motivated part of the police force, dedicated towards making cities and towns safe for women.* Name changed

Location - Nagpur

We we met these children working at a brick kiln where their parents also worked and talked to them of change and equality, with the hope that if they ever get a chance to study thanks to an NGO, they will grab the opportunity.

Location - Nagpur

Maushmi* was married into a household where dowry demands were made and her husband became an alcoholic. He often hit her, once leading to a miscarriage. She has now moved out and is teaching.* Name changed

Location - Nagpur

Sneha* is from a privileged and educated background, but she suffered abuse, insults, marital rape, and even attempted poisoning. She escaped that marriage and is now teaching fashion designing.* Name changed

Location - Nagpur

Shashikala* was too shy to say anything beyond her name when we met her at a workshop. When she laughed though, she got everyone in the room smiling with her. By the end of the workshop, she started voicing her opinions.* Name changed

Location - Hyderabad

Tara* lost her voice because of physical abuse by an alcoholic father. After his death, with the help of counseling, she started speaking again, although with a stammer.* Name changed

Location - Bangalore

We met Uma* in one of our workshops. Though the littlest one in that room, she had the biggest dreams - to become the direct collector and help people in her community build a better future.* Name changed

Location - Bangalore

These two young women, Sakshi* and Anupama*, have helped each other leave a life of forced of child marriage and move out to seek training for jobs in the banking sector.* Name changed

Location - Salem

Reena* suffered domestic violence because of dowry demands. She finally escaped her abusive marriage and started her own textile business, operating solely on Whatsapp.* Name changed

Location - Erode

We met Radha*​ on the highway. She represents the innocence of childhood and as she was swinging on a homemade swing of her mother’s sari. * Name changed

Location - Nammakkal

Jaya* became HIV positive after contracting the disease from her truck driver husband who then passed away, leaving her to raise three young children. She didn’t lose courage and is raising her daughters to be strong and independent women.* Name changed

Location - Kanyakumari

This wall portrays workshop participant, Keerthi*, who absorbed our message – “Women too have rights!”* Name changed

Location - Kanyakumari

This walls depicts Srishti Bakshi, the power behind CrossBow Miles, and her determination to embark on this journey of a #billionstepsforwomen.

Location - Mumbai